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If you love String Cheese you have come to the right place. We are the String Cheese Specialists.  Baker Cheese is a family-owned string cheese manufacturer based in the small Wisconsin town of St. Cloud.  A tradition of tremendous service, quality and award winning cheese are the main reasons that our company has maintained its Wisconsin cheese heritage since 1916. 

We have manufactured 100% natural string cheese for over 30 years.  Our factory uses fresh Wisconsin milk to produce a high quality mozzarella cheese that is stretched into thin ropes and then cut into a variety of string cheese sizes.  Each batch of cheese is created by one of our many Wisconsin state licensed Cheesemakers who help insure that the string cheese meets our high standards of quality, taste and consistency.  This continual focus has allowed Baker Cheese to gain a national reputation for string cheese.

Our string cheese is marketed in the Upper Midwest under the Baker Cheese label as well as around the country under many different private labels.  We have the capability to package our string cheese in a  wide range of package sizes.  In addition, we pride ourselves on maintaining an efficient, flexible production environment which provides our customers with consistent, fresh string cheese.  We have a unique balance within our company to be flexible enough to fulfill the needs of every customer size from a small local distributor to large, nationally recognized brands.

If your needs are string cheese, you have come to the right place.

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